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Easy Apprenticeships Explained

The Problems

  • Over 250 registered apprenticeship training / end point assessment providers in the UK (most have multiple sub contractors)
  • Government processes and spotlight checks are overly complicated (red tape)
  • Securing funding is time consuming and there is no clarity
  • If you dont already have someone in mind, finding the right apprentice can be difficult
  • Identifying the correct training to fill the right skill gaps in your business can be laborious
  • Multiple educational levels available (level 2-7 nvq)
  • Some providers charge high fees to the employer without proper transparency

Our Solution

  • Streamlined process, We work with an extensive list of training / end point assessment providers
  • Fully managed solution. We do it all for you
  • We guarantee government ESFA approval or no charge
  • We provide clarity on funding and payment schedules
  • We provide a full apprentice recruitment service, all you have to do is interview and hire
  • Free replacement or refund within first 90 days
  • 95% of training fees funded by the Government

Our Process

1. Identify the role

The first step is to identify the role an apprentice would fit into. It could be an entry-level position you want to support with expert training, a senior position you want to develop, or a hard-to-fill role.


2. Consider apprenticeship rules

We will help you tailor your role in line with eligibility requirements, such as age and salary, in accordance with government guidance and employment laws.

3. Choose the apprenticeship

There are apprenticeships for every level of employee, from entry-level to managerial positions. We will help you find the apprenticeship programme that is best suited for your company and for the roles you want to fill.


4. Find an apprenticeship training provider

We provide impartial expert advice on choosing an apprenticeship training provider, ensuring that you make the best choice based on factors such as training coverage, quality of delivery and curriculum, and reputation.

5. Explore funding options

Apprenticeship training costs vary between programmes and funding bands. We’ll help you investigate the funding options available to your business, such as the apprenticeship levy or the process of co-investment.

6. Launch the programme

Our dedicated team will help you work with your training provider to properly embed the programme within your business, informing stakeholders and mapping the programme to existing career journeys.

7. Recruiting apprentices

We’ll make sure the recruitment process for your apprentices is smooth and efficient. We share your vacancies across a range of job boards, then we provide you with a shortlist of pre-screened, eligible applicants to offer interviews to.


8. The apprenticeship agreement

The apprenticeship commitment statement is a contract signed by the employer, apprentice and Training Provider. It is a legal requirement and it makes sure all parties are committed to fulfilling the apprenticeship programme.

What do we get?

We charge an upfront consultancy fee of £1000 for the entire management of your apprenticeship application.

This management includes finding the right fit for your business in terms of training, finding the right training provider for you, creation and management of government accounts required to hire an apprentice, clarity on payment schedule and funding, and any and all admin work related to the hiring of an apprentice. We also include telephone screening and interview booking.

We also offer a fully managed recruitment service to find you the right apprentice if you don’t already have someone in mind, just click ‘Get Started’ to ask us about it.

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