Are you in the process of hiring an apprentice to help you with your business? Here are some hiring tips to help you along the way.

Hiring an apprentice is the way to go if you’re looking to retire soon or simply enjoy training others to do the same thing you’re doing. Hiring an apprentice is different from the typical employee, but there are several benefits to doing so.

Because an apprentice is different from the typical employee, some hiring tips will make the process easier. Here are a few pieces of advice we’re going to offer to ensure you find the right apprentice the first time.  

1. Review Job Availabilities

When people apply for an apprenticeship, the assumption is that it will eventually turn into a new job for the apprentice. Therefore you need to ensure that your company has open positions that can be filled by the apprentice when the time comes.

Another reason to understand what positions you have open is so you can ensure your apprentice has the proper skills for that role. During the recruiting process, have potential candidates submit a cover letter.

The cover letter will prepare you to review their resume. It’s also key to moving forward with determining if they’re going to be the right fit and could become a new employee.

2. Keep Things Fresh

When someone enters an apprenticeship, it’s to learn the tricks of the trade, which means they don’t want to do the same tedious tasks every day. The apprenticeship is like an ongoing job audition.

This means you should give them different tasks to prove they have what it takes to do this job full-time. It’s important to provide incentives and opportunities for the apprentice to take action and decide.

This will prove that you don’t have to worry about taking action when time is of the essence.

3. Catch Up Regularly

The last thing you want to do is bring an apprentice on board and forget about them. Schedule regular meetings to catch up with them to discuss how things are going on both sides. During these meetings, you’ll get a better idea of what’s going well and areas the apprentice might need more training or is struggling with.

These meetings are essential to making your final decision but don’t forget to praise the apprentice when they do something right.

Doing this will show them that they are grasping the information you’re teaching and getting one step closer to moving out of the apprenticeship and into a full-time position.

4. Use the Right Platforms

Training apprentices is a vital part of the process, and you’ve got to ensure you have the right training materials. Using Easy Apprenticeships provides you with the platform you need to provide up to date training at all times.

We provide training in one place for all apprentices no matter their job.

Hiring Tips When You’re Searching for an Apprentice

There are several hiring tips that will make finding an apprentice more straightforward than it usually is. Review the opportunities you have available within your company, and once you bring them on board, don’t forget to check in with them regularly.

Are you having problems finding the right apprentice?

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